Sabtu, 18 Juni 2016

10 Things You Should Remind Yourself Everyday

I feel a bit out of the place lately. Mostly because past events that happened in my life, that makes me feel sad and stressed about it. So, I thought of two things that I care deeply and love doing; it is writing and spreading positivity. Here's my attempt to make me feel better, but also for you, the person reading this.

Lists of things you should remind yourself if you're feeling down and unmotivated.

 1. You only have one life to enjoy, so live every single moment and remember it while it's lasts, because you're not going to experience that same exact moment, twice.

2. You are unique and special. There's only one YOU in this world. You are different from anyone else. You don't have to try to be anyone else in order to fit in on this society.

3. You are a whole. You are enough. You need nobody to complete you as a person. You are strong enough to stand by yourself.

4. Do things that makes you happy. Don't care about other people's opinon. You can do whatever you think is right for you, as long as you're not breaking the law or hurting anyone.

5. Strom will pass, spring will come. Everyone have problems in their life, you have to know that it will get better. You must learn to overcome the sadness and climb from the dark times back into happiness. It may takes time, but it will be worth it.

6. People may hate you and/or you may not like a person, it's okay. We're not designed to like everyone, despite the flaws that we have. What we do is to respect them as a person, don't be a bully, stay humble and polite to other people.

7. Be the best version of yourself. You might not accomplish you're biggest achievement yet, it's time for it to happens. You might want to cut out some bad habbits behind, this is the right time to do it!

8. If you hate a certain parts of yourself, do something about it, not just complaining. Exercise more, or apply some make up. Remember, this is the body you live with in your lifetime. You need to embrace what you've been given and accept it while it lasts.

9.Explore yourself. You need to find your true passion. Something you want to do in your entire life and not get bored of it. Go to a new course. Try some new hobbies. And after you find it; you're not going to regret every second of your life.

10. Spread positivity. Smile more. This world may be a scary place to live in; but with positivity we can make this world a better place.

This is my little note; to me or even to you! It might not conclude all things that important, but they are things that matters to me the most, and something that I would love to remind myself everyday. Hope you find it that way too! It's holiday so I could finally blog more!

sign out for now,

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