Jumat, 01 April 2016


Hello, world!

As you can assume already, it's my first blog post on this blog. Surely, I'm not new at all at blogging. I've been blogging since I was eleven years old. That's crazy how fast time flies! But, I want to start new things this year and my main goal is to start a new blog which is I'm excited about! In here, I'm going to be talking on few interesting topics such as lifestyle, beauty, book, DIY, food, and many more.

So, in my first post I'm better start it off with some fun facts about me! Hope you enjoy it!

1. You can call me Kayla or Kay for short.
2. I love writing so much, it's been apart of my life since day one if I say so myself.
3. I'm a high school student.
4. I have a healthy obsession with interenet. (or unhealthy?)
5. I would love to own a clothing line someday.
6. I have two siblings, one brother and one sister. They're both younger than me.
7. Photography is one of my current obsession right now but I still don't have a camera so I take pictures with my phone.
8. Music is a thing I can't for sure live without. It's so nice to have something you can jam on while writing or doing a simple task. My favorites are Troye Sivan, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, 1975, Years & Years and the list goes on.
9. I'm currently learning a new languange and it's German.
10. I love reading as much as writing. My ultimate favorite book are Harry Potter and A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. I read pretty much Young Adult, but I do love Historical Fiction (like obsessed!) and Science Fiction.
11. I hate suprises. It freaks me out and make me feel like crying and it's just not my thing.
12. While I was taking notes in class, I always find myself doodling or writing something random on the paper even if it's a bad drawing I always enjoy doing it.
13. I'm an introvert.
14. I love to explore new places and try out new things. It makes me feel happy and grateful.
15. My go-to outfit is sweatshirt and jogger pants. They are really comfy but could be stylish too if you put a little effort to it.
16. I love making lists. By crossing things I've done out of the list makes me feel overwhelmed.
17. I have so many internet friends. I love every single one of them! Although sometimes I lost their contact and we never did talk anymore.
18. In school, I'm not the very socialize type of person, but I do have a few good friends and it's not about numbers, right?
19. I never could decide my favorite food. Love them all!
20. I love volunteering and doing social work. It's something I look forward to do more this year.

Okay, guys I think that's all for this post. I have to sort my layout first and next week there will be a new blog post (hopefully). Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend! Cheers, bye.

Remember, you have an undefinable creativity within you. xx

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